360Science is a data quality company specializing in matching, deduping, unifying, linking and verifying contact and business data. Using purpose-built Artificial Intelligence, proprietary phonetic and fuzzy matching algorithms, context-sensitive lexicons, and a contextual scoring engine, 360Science defeats the errors, inconsistencies and challenges commonly found in customer data.

One of our principal tenets is “All Your Data, All Your People.” This means weaving accessibility throughout our products both in terms of ease-of-use and connectivity. We’ve engineered our tools to be powerful and easy to use for all types of users across an organization. A simple way of connecting to the data that matters comes with the territory.

Over the last several months we’ve observed increasing requests from our users asking for an integration with Snowflake. This trend isn’t all that surprising given Snowflake’s focus on empowering people to make data-driven business decisions with quick and easy access to a single trusted source of data. An integration with 360Science could take that trust to a whole new level. So we built it.

Now, users can easily access the data in Snowflake using the world’s most powerful and easy to use matching engine with 360Science’s Cortex. Have you ever wanted to quickly and easily:

  • match data from a variety of feeds and sources to data in Snowflake?
  • dedupe data in Snowflake?
  • link records across multiple tables in Snowflake?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to take a closer look at Cortex’s Snowflake integration.

  1. 360Science and Snowflake are both focused on improving time to intelligence and increasing the quality of that intelligence. 360Science + Snowflake means faster analyst access to data and a higher quality of data for querying.
  2. Snowflake believes DBAs should be spending more time on high value activities and less time on costly wastes like preprocessing. With Cortex, we handle normalization and standardization for you, so you can bring your data as it is and get to answers faster.
  3. Just like Snowflake, we believe performance at scale is critical. Data volumes are growing alongside the number of questions a business needs to ask to make informed and strategic decisions. Cortex uses in-memory processing making it much faster than traditional solutions. Whether you’re dealing with 100,000 records or a billion, we can help you find answers quickly.
  4. Accelerate analytics and BI for all users. Yes, yes, and yes. Democratizing data alone isn’t enough to empower everyone to make data driven decisions. The tools used to query, process, and enhance data must be powerful enough for a Data Scientist while also being so intuitive an inexperienced knowledge worker can pick it up and use it. Cortex combines a drag and drop workflow canvas with Smart Settings making it simple for everyone to achieve outstanding match results.

The customer feedback loop serves as a guiding light when we’re deciding where to go with our product roadmap. The data quality space evolves rapidly and we’re fortunate that we can be extremely agile when it comes to adding high demand features. We’re tremendously excited at what this integration means for our customers and look forward to enhancing Cortex with additional integrations very soon. 

Want to know more? Read the press release on 360Science, here.