The Science Behind the 360o View of the Customer.

helpIT Systems isn’t just sporting a brand new logo and an entirely new look. Today, we’re celebrating the next phase in our journey – as 360Science. This marks an important milestone in our company’s history, as we move to better reflect our continued commitment to our client’s data quality. Meet 360Science.

360Science means the science behind the 360-degree view of the customer – providing data-driven organisations with the means of maintaining a high degree of accuracy regardless of where the data lives or is entered.

The evolution of helpIT to 360Science is a recognition of the need for “democratisation” of Data Quality. This means providing users across the enterprise with the tools to access up-to-the-minute clean and accurate data. At the heart of 360Science remains the matching engine on which all our deployments have been built, matchit. Watch the Video to Learn More.

But there’s more. 

We’re also releasing two exciting new products: Cortex and Verify.

Cortex provides a powerful yet accessible workstation solution with shareable, repeatable workflows that meets the needs of anyone from data scientists to users across the business. Watch the demo video here.

Verify is 360Science’s ground-breaking address verification solution. Powered by matchit, the same matching engine at the heart of all our products, Verify is able to deliver better accuracy and PAF match rates than ever seen before, with superior performance and the same top-notch support that you expect from us.

Some Things Stay the Same

Behind the new name, 360Science is still the same dedicated team providing you the best possible solutions in contact data matching and preparation. Our VAT number, company registration number and ownership remain the same and our licence and support agreements continue unaffected.

We’re excited at the opportunity to expand upon our offerings and to continue to grow alongside the partners and clients who have joined us along the way.

Steve Tootill | CEO