A recent survey by Deloitte of “aggressive adopters” of AI found that 76% believe that they will “substantially transform” their companies within the next three years – and the  companies focused on tieing AI to business outcomes are finding that AI is driving bottom-line results at a rate few had anticipated.

AI isn’t just one technology, but a wide array of tools, including a number of different algorithmic approaches, an abundance of new data sources, and advancement in hardware. Still, there remains a large gap between aspiration and reality.

Think360° Summary

  • First, you need to make your purpose clear. AI does not exist in a vacuum, but in the context of your business model, processes
  • Second, choose the tasks you automate wisely.
  • Third, choose your data carefully.


Greg Satal, author, speaker and contributor to Harvard Business Review, Inc and Fast Company – explores AI innovation and disruption, and how you make sure that your organization is gets more successful results from its AI endeavors.

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