PayPal- Tio Networks services some of the largest telecom, wireless, cable, and utility bill issuers in North America – companies like AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Cox Communications, and Dish Networks. Their platform integrates with back-office billing systems, to enable billers to post payments accurately and quickly to the appropriate customer accounts.

TIO Networks had acquired several companies and was also in the midst of being acquired by PayPal. Last year they handled more than 16 million consumer bill pay accounts and processed over 60 million transactions totaling USD $7-billion in consumer bill payments.

This stream of data required their customer unification process to be able to handle significant variations in the customer data inputs flowing into their systems – because this data fed their business intelligence, financial strategy, and M&A activities.

Think360° Summary

  • Unified data was central to determine how to merge their businesses, understand their customers and markets, and roll-out new market strategies.  
  • Creating a data-driven organization starts with constructing a clear, unified picture of our customers. Building this picture requires highly effective customer data matching logic.

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